Nuggets Outside a Blog

As I begin writing this 984th blog, I wonder what this time and these words mean to others . . .

Is it a sophisticated curiosity? An intellectual flirtation? An amusement, escape, novelty or entertainment? Maybe just a habit?

Perhaps it’s an attempt at understanding ourselves, our life, our mind.

Which brings me to this question; ‘is there anything in ourselves that is really ourself?’ Are we not just an accumulation – a storehouse – of things we have heard and experienced somewhere in the past? When we answer anything, all we do is open our memorized book of life, grab some familiar happening, and use that as our answer!

We follow; patterns, other people’s suggestions, teachers, preachers, commercials . . . everything except ourselves which, for all intents and purposes, have been allowed to disappear and to have no value at all other than to recall and recite the beliefs of others.

It is an awe inspiring experience to contemplate ‘origin’ and ‘creation’. Is our purpose, has our purpose, always been just to mimic others? To learn what someone else has done and to project that forward to create our life!?

Could it be possible that buried somewhere in our minds there still exists a nugget of ourselves!? A nugget which is the reason for our personal existence. A nugget which contains, explains, who we are – at our core. A nugget, a seed, which if nursed back to health would blossom and show to ourselves and the world the elegant reason for our conception. A seed we never even watered because we weren’t aware of its existence.

We will never, NEVER, understand ourselves by a deeper immersion into the mind of someone else.

If you paid for the ticket to that ride pictured above . . .

make sure the experience it provides is the experience you desire to have.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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