All the Little Pieces

A piece of string of bewilderment. A chip of enlightenment. A blotch of Bliss. A tidbit of Magic. A fragment of un-limitlessness.

Is the Infinite some unique jigsaw puzzle where we gather the pieces, put them together in some sophisticated way and if we’re lucky enough some semblance of this ‘Infinite’ pops out to greet us?

This ‘Infinite’ is at most a feeling, or a sensation, that gets our attention in mysterious ways. It is not conquerable. There are no instructions for its attainment.

Perhaps the jigsaw method has some value – for you. Or maybe it is some other tactic that keeps your interest.

In my humble opinion there is no ‘method’ that can be used to hasten anything. It seems it is about timing. As if there are moments in our lives when peace and contentment coincide in sufficient abundance to allow the Magic to enter.

It also seems that the Infinite cannot be found or discovered, it is a gift that is delivered to us when we are open enough to receive it. Ironically, our efforts are what cause the Infinite to remain out of reach.

All we ‘know’ ‘believe’ and ‘understand’ is exactly what limits us from receiving the Gift.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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