Just Enough to be Empty

I come to you with kisses, hugs; ready to convey songs of angels and delicate words of love. Then I leave; having engaged in all.

Ruminating, I recall the sweetness, the joy, the bliss. But something was sorrowfully missing. An ultimate connection.

Those things brought along that were in excess and destroyed the ‘emptiness’ were a mistake. Those things I considered my own, things I cherished and believed had value, were instead obstacles to a pure connection with you.

The exquisite nature of openness remained trapped in its coffin, while frivolous footsteps of ownership trampled on its grave.

I now walk more carefully, I consider more fully the thoughts I carry with me. I consider if any would needlessly fill – and destroy emptiness. But, not for myself.

You deserve the best. You deserve the Openness and the Infinite spirit. You deserve to enjoy a playground unencumbered with someone else’s trivialities. You deserve a playground that is empty, cultivated for Bliss, open for Magic.

You deserve a venue that is truly unlimited. Uncharted. Exciting. Unknown. Of a quality so supreme it lives in speechlessness.

For me, it’s back to the drawing board, as I more comprehensibly fling things – of this world – back to the world, and more completely . . .

learn to recognize the exquisite value of emptiness.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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