When Words Become Life

Perhaps it’s a part of a morning ritual, or quiet time. The word ‘Magic’ is encountered, or maybe the word ‘Bliss’.

And for a second the reassurance is accepted. You convey to yourself that ‘Bliss’ is still alive – somewhere. But worldly concerns captivate. When the second expires and the minute ascension has ceased, ‘Bliss’ again goes into storage, hoping for another second of freedom, soon.

‘Bliss’ is a beautiful word, but it is not an answer, in itself. The adverbial form of bliss, ‘blissfully’ – is the key. ‘Blissfully’ answers the question; ‘How to live life?’

It is suggestive of a personal assessment of your life and how you want to feel along the way.

In other words, don’t assign ‘Bliss’ to just a few seconds of your day. Give it a minute, then, an hour. Think – in blissful ways.

Whatever your situation, you can imbue it with Bliss. Ponder in terms of experiencing the greatest joy possible for you, in all circumstances.

Don’t stop with an hour. Fill your day with Bliss. Go outside and view a palm tree – and give thanks. Then continue giving thanks for everything else. Turn it ALL, in your favor.

Start raising the bar as to what you will permit into your palace. Once it is raised, never let it be lowered again.

Add ‘Bliss’ to your sleeping hours. Go to sleep with the absolutely highest thoughts of perfection you can conceive – for you. Be open for the Magic that is higher than you can ever imagine.

Let those thoughts and words . . .

be your life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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