Subtleties at Play

Hints. Whispers – you think you heard. A vision you thought you saw. A faint, unknown rustling. Something that in a strange way; beckons.

These seemingly trivial occurrences can be seeds that produce bountiful harvests.

Maybe it’s the bridge in the background. In a most mysterious way you receive the suggestion to sit on that bridge with your feet dangling over the edge.

Here is what may be the secret to all that is ineffable and elusive. It is what you do with that ‘suggestion’. Do you discard the hint and keep walking toward your destination, or do you change the priority of that hint and permit the Infinite to show itself by visiting the bridge?

There are two hidden strategies at play here. The first is the idea that by acknowledging this ‘voice’ you have demonstrated your desire to test, to try, to discern if this higher level actually exists and whether or not it has value. It also encourages more like circumstances to appear.

Secondly, and so much more profoundly, it explodes the idea in your mind with the question . . . ‘What might be discovered on that bridge when I’m sitting there with my legs dangling?’

What higher insight? What unimaginable feeling? Might it be a sensation – so unique it would alter your life to one you could never have formulated in your mind on your own?

That bridge is a nurturing place; where discoveries are found, where answers are shown, where exotic little exit ramps may finally be seen.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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