The Idea of You

The idea of ‘you’. Sure, it’s a sensible delusion – or copy. Maybe a couple of tangled disciplines, but certainly short of a charade. A comedy? Drama? A mask, covering your whole body?

Is it crazy? Crazy enough? Nobody knows that but you.

As we face any challenge, we already ‘know’ our capabilities. ‘No, I could never do that!’ or, ‘Nothing to it. I’ll have it done in an hour.’

What would happen if we threw sensibility out the window, along with doubt and all other limitations? Viewing all challenges as if we had done them a hundred times before.

If need be . . . going wrong, but going wrong in your own way – rather than right in someone else’s.

Sharing what we don’t know openly.

Summoning an building confidence in the unknown.

Welcoming change.

Bringing about thoughts and ideas that make you tingle with excitement.

What are the five reasons why your value will triple in the next week?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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