A Step Further

We hear something objectionable, maybe from a friend, the news, wherever. Sure, we can internalize it and let it dictate our mood for the next day, week or lifetime. Or, we can address it by itself and give it special treatment.

Those horrific news events that confront us almost daily . . . we can acknowledge them, but do we have to let them detract from our lives?

Taking this ‘A Step Further’, can we not lump everything we experience into a bowl labeled ‘Acknowledged’ and *then* make our own determinations as to how each of them will affect us?

It is your choice whether to side-step issues, or to tackle them. It is you who is responsible for every feeling you experience and what that experience means to you.

Take that ‘step further’ and make yourself the ultimate determining factor in how your feel . . . always.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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