Embroiled (Involved in conflict)

Embroiled in life. Embroiled in a marriage. Embroiled in a divorce.

Entangled in life’s problems. Divorce does nothing but dig the hole deeper making it harder to realize there might be some saving grace to your troubles.

You are vulnerable. Hurt. Scared. Tired. You want the turmoil to stop.

But what if . . . this is the only time period in your life in which you will be able to assimilate some profound truths? Truths, without which, you’d never be able to experience life in any higher form.

Times like this are a precious classroom. A learning experience where you are the student . . . and also the teacher.

Consider . . . you’ve both inflicted deep pain on each other. But you can say when that is over, for you. Begin by giving thanks for the classroom and for your partner. Rise up, above the ever present embroilment. Find your best self. Be daring, helpful. Empathize with what your partner has been through. Cry. Laugh. Envision.

Learn from your best self. Change your perspective. This ordeal has stolen hours of your life. Don’t allow it to steal any more.

Think ‘perfection’. Be ‘perfection’. Take your elevated self out the door and go help someone else.

Give thanks. Real, sincere thanks, for every second of what you have been through.

Realize ‘why’ you had to go through this . . .

and grow.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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