Unceasingly, our mind keeps reminding us of the past. We never hear echoes from the future.

We allow ourselves to be trapped in this web of conformity that our mind provides for us – continually.

The key to any advancement in the Infinite realm starts with G.R.O.P.E. – getting rid of past events.

Quietness, peace, harmony, meditation – it’s all about finding ways to make the past disappear. All of it. This thing called ‘enlightenment’ is not an acquisition. It is an unveiling. An act for which we have NO experience nor any apparatus to help.

Nothing is hidden under a rock to be found by serendipity. There is no capturing or discovery. It is the total disregard of your human qualities that matter. TOTAL DISREGARD of HUMAN QUALITIES.

Get rid of past events. Leave EVERYTHING behind. An unlimited Infinite playground is possible – if and only if – you make no effort to achieve it.

What awaits you is a freedom you never knew existed. A freedom that captures your TRUE Infinite identity and uses that divine presence to navigate you through life . . .

if you will allow it to do so.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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