Relaxed Continuity

Years ago, you weren’t. Nothing. A blank. Then, instantly, you are given the rank of human. And years from now, you will return. Demoted? to a blank again.

You will have spent time as a human in; sequences, uncertainty, schedules and intervals. Time matters here. Every second gets counted and we all have only a limited supply of them.

Perhaps there is an area somewhere that is immune from consumption. A neverness of ‘no time’. A place where if you entered it on your tenth birthday and stayed for fifty years, you’d leave on your tenth birthday. A half-time for the Infinite.

Also, if ‘no time’ is possible, is a field where the counting is haphazard possible? A ‘sometime’ area sectioned off where the seconds would only be counted if you were angry or if you were doing something you knew was questionable.

We linger in our ‘nowness’. We’d settle for a poor imitation of time. One where we could insert a pair of parentheses: go on leave, get a staycation, go AWOL, or just be absent.

Maybe we’ll get a surprise ending where we’ll attain a temporary address over in ‘no time’. Would that really be freedom?

Dusk is here. Dawn, a few hours away.

What about the curfew? Is it still in effect? For you?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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