Strange Relations

Don’t read these words. Just look at them one at a time and think about them. Of what value could they possibly be to you? Throw this down, get up and get an alarm clock. Wake up, man. Forget about these words and this inane tome. This is not even real. Someone else forced me to write this. This isn’t the author, it is actually an intelligent, sane person that has abducted the author and is coercing him to put these words in print for profit and ultimate destitution.

This is not fair, this is just some dumb subterfuge played by the author, can’t you see that? Throw this garbage out and get on with your life. Don’t let someone else write your auto-biography. You’ll wake up in someone else’s play. Don’t immerse yourself in any fine tuned proverbial quagmire of human insanity. Pick up your mis-placed pieces. Come back when the clock boycott’s won. Give birth to a monument for yourself, a vastness of enchantment, a self-crusade, satisfying only you. Forget these pages. Forget the ubiquitous apron strings. Overlook concern. Envi-sion. This is not a planned accident. Cut off a sliver of life and season it to your liking. Strategize its cooking. You almost had a great round of golf, you just couldn’t find the course. Lend your clubs to no one.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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