How About Now?

Every once in a great while we experience a feeling of perfection.

A moment in time when all of our senses are fully content.

Perhaps at an elegant restaurant where even the napkin is a flawless display. Or, maybe, right now.

If there is a distraction from pure elegance and peace, go fix it. Cold toes? Coffee that needs some vanilla? Whatever the cause – fix it.

Then, don’t settle for those same old thoughts. Get in harmony with your mind and begin to conceive circumstances that are too good! Scare yourself with the exquisitiveness of the contents!

Make yourself smile because of its splendor. Take liberties you have never allowed yourself to take. Go beyond!

Create a literal prodigy of magnificence.

Keeping asking ‘How can this be even better?’ But more importantly you can wonder why . . .

your life is not more like this all the time.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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