Let’s Get Away From It All

Close your eyes. Imagine standing on the ground with your left and right hands on the sides of the ladder. Place your left foot on the first rung and push it down. As your hands allow the ladder to slide through, a new rung comes into your imagination’s view.

Now, place your right foot on the next rung up and push it down. You slide up another rung interval. Mentally repeat that process. Feel your legs straightening as you ascend. Establish a rhythm. Let the motion become easy and fluid.

As you become an expert climber, your balance allows you to lower your right hand to your side. Then your right hand. Now, forget about the movement of your legs, they know exactly what to do by now. Just let them continue doing their job. Finally, blind the sight of your imaginary eyes so you don’t notice the periodic appearance of the next rungs as you go up.

As if by Magic you sense ascension without exertion. Experience it without giving it a name. Do not judge it any way. If the sensation is not Perfect, do whatever it takes to make it Perfect for you.

As you approach the Infinite, just listen. Bring no words to this experience. Don’t even consider; height, ladder, vertigo or any other descriptor.

Listen. But listen for a feeling.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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