Picking Up the Pieces

The ‘Infinite’ . . .

It’s not a learning experience. Reading a book, viewing a blog, hearing some message, picking up another piece of the puzzle – won’t bring you closer to it.

The discovery of the Infinite is not a task that you accomplish. Finding more pieces does nothing but complicate the issue.

Words are worthless. The Infinite doesn’t use them. When there is calmness and an area UN-contaminated by our thoughts, there is a chance the Infinite will share its wealth.

Not by some pithy quotes or maxims – they are just words. What will be shared is like an impression, perception, understanding or a feeling. So perfect it is unable to be described with words.

Your human input is exactly what precludes this Magic from happening. A human has no idea of what is in store for him or her. To expect anything will surely stop the process of the Infinite.

Instead of adding to your collection of pieces that you believe are special, try putting down the pieces of your collection and forget about them. Give up on your rules for attainment. Judge nothing. Be open.

Don’t even try, anything.


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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