Abundantly Filled

Silent. Usually deemed inappropriate because of its depth of being so misunderstood.

Maybe thought of as too healthy, too provocative, too much of a fantasy.

Similar to a box from Ikea in that once you are there and the box is opened you still have no idea what to do?

Its greatest quality is bringing about the desire to close your eyes. To forget about yourself (yes, forget about yourself) and let the eclectic ambience speak to you in the manner it wishes, not according to any preset demands you may hold.

If you desire a perfect diversion, like a; dream, vacation, vision, bliss or epiphany . . . reconsider the draw, the pull, the intrigue that peace continually whispers.

That photo above is not just wistful, it can be the seed, the foundation, for a utopian garden of Infinite growth.

Bring nothing. Expect nothing. Become a kid again. Play. Dream.

Let down your defenses.


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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