Another Direction

From: Santiago de Compostela in N.W. Spain

Maybe a movie, or a book. Eclectic words from a friend. A carnival ride.

An unusual circumstance happens that takes you where you do not know you need to go.

Circularly up. Slowly. Soon, eye-level restrictions like buildings, or people, are left below. New vistas appear. Adjacent neighborhoods, lakes, pathways, opportunities – infrequently seen perspectives. You’re lifted. There is an accompanying awe. Worldly concerns are forgotten.

Mandated freedom from just a few feet of elevation.

Difficult it would be to steal a Ferris Wheel, but we can certainly steal the concept of its Magic.

Climb a mountain. Get on a Ferris Wheel. Ascend in a hot-air balloon. Shut your eyes and dream. Get above all that normally fences you in. Change your elevation.

There are rumors, that in the next town over . . .

there is a taller Ferris Wheel.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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