What You Want

Perhaps, hidden beneath all the possibilities and concealments there is a target exclusively designed for your attributes. A suggestion that would excite all of your capabilities and immediately change your life’s focus.

There would be interest and intrigue. A delicious reason to arise each morning, together with the ability to play in a world where everything there is to your liking.

A place that flourishes – but only with your input.

What if that already exists in a secret area, and is just waiting to be discovered by you? Clues to its whereabouts can be deceptive, but what you are seeking . . . is seeking you.

Those ‘clues’ can come in mysterious ways. Coincidences, lingering words to a song, a tap on your shoulder when no one is around, a sudden desire to make a turn for no apparent reason.

Or, an action that you take just because it feels right, or feels exciting, or feels like if you don’t do it you will be missing out on something very important.

This target is more than a desire . . . it is ‘meaning’. Meaning of the highest order. Meaning, with teeth.

YOUR meaning.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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