A Special Insight

Suppose you are at the center of a new world. Glistening. Pure. Magical. And as you go – things just get better, and not in those tiny, minuscule ways. Giant leaps of happiness and joy. The surroundings being so rich and sparkling they keep out everything unpleasant. A place where there is no sustainability for the negative.

It is all a gift. No effort whatsoever can be used to extract its pleasures. It is not found, it is shown to you.

All of your baggage has been checked before you entered which brings about a strange phenomenon . . . thoughts concerning negative subjects become impossible. That leaves you in a sea of possibilities, but they’re up on the next level. A level attained only by peace and silence.

It’s not a fairy-tale. Those exact conditions and circumstances can be made real by bypassing your mind. Ending your association with the basics of life and instead, substituting the desire for thoughts of a higher caliber.

The process is about being a child again. To return to the ideas of; Freshness! Fresh air, fresh thoughts, fresh dreams – and ‘unknowns’ which come to visit periodically. To return to the concept of; Playfulness! To transport sand by a little shovel in a new way, or to just throw it up into the air and watch the particle fountain. To consider what other sandboxes look like and to inspect a grain of sand with a magnifying glass.

It all comes back to your vision of ‘freedom’. Freedom to once again look at a sandbox, but in a new way. Forgetting about the limitations it once had. Forgetting about its structure, its requirements – and to experience that sandbox as a child does. Accepting it just as it is, with anticipation, fun, openness and supreme contentment.

A sandbox could, and still can, be the provider of miracles, of dreams, of Magic. Take away its name. Take away its shape. Take away all its attributes. Take away all we ‘know’ about sandboxes or playgrounds. Give the sandbox its freedom!

Most of all, take away your FOCUS. Let the meaning the sandbox has, show itself TO YOU. This new sandbox is your teacher. Not the other way around. Messages, deep messages, come from the leaky roof, the shovel’s broken handle, the truck missing a wheel, the smell of dinner cooking in the air, the sight of a butterfly, the memory of a friend, the sand between your toes.

The sandbox will get smaller, but it’s impact will get larger. Soon, everything will be a sandbox. Everything will want to share itself with you in the highest way possible . . . if you let it . . .

out in the land of Contentment.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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