One by One

In the quietness of your mind, try eliminating one by one all the things in your life; Your car – gone. Friends – gone. Keep going . . . Your thoughts – gone. Your desires – gone. Where you live – gone. This thing called Earth – gone. Not much left. Approaching nothingness. Words – gone. Your body – gone. Life, as you know it – gone. All your senses – gone.

Get to that point where there is no SELF to realize. Get comfortable, settle in, right next to ‘nothingness’. Keep nudging over. One more little push and a blurring occurs. There’s no longer ‘nothingness’. No. There is now ‘everything’! But a Magical type of ‘Everything’. No flaws. A total consuming feeling of Perfection. Nothing, and Everything, as One.

If that process didn’t work, try it again but this time remove your mask. Not the Covid one. The shield. Your ‘out in public’ mask that has become so used that it is not even removed anymore. Maybe it has been in place for so long it has eaten into your face and can’t be removed. Tragedy.

Life is here. We are a part of it. Now. Can we not claim ‘celebration’ for it? Can we not claim Celebration for what is under the mask, and Celebration for everything!?

If celebration is a feeling that is not akin to you, if you don’t feel it often, can you find the escape route and flee from the negativity? Can you venture out to where there is celebration, real Celebration, and become an integral part of it?

You can. One by one.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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