Seemingly, it lies dormant, somewhere beyond our senses. Forgotten, like a black bookend, too far out of reach to keep acquainted.

But then, at a most unusual time, a giant arm appears before you and in wiper-blade fashion clears away the collection of stale old thoughts you were ready to use that day. The view is spectacular.

Like hearing the first few bars of your favorite song, Bliss cuddles up next to you and offers a brief, magnificent taste of the start of an excursion you never thought possible. All it asks is for you not to interrupt, just to accept what is coming – without your supervision.

There comes a divine moment of realization in which you sense that if your mind starts to voice its opinion the Bliss will immediately evaporate. Your input, your suggestions, your ideas, your words – are ALL out of place here. They are too elementary. They do not fit.

That moment brings the critical decision of either being quiet and open to what is being offered, or to close the book one more time on potential Bliss.

Magic always is competing with human judgments; ‘Do I have the time? Am I interested enough to even stick around? I’m late for something, aren’t I? Maybe next time.’

That wiper-blade brings perfect clarity to the facets of your life. It’s a new realm of understanding, done with perceptions, not words.

When might this opportunity for Bliss happen again?

Keep the welcome mat out.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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