The Ways of the Infinite

Perhaps as ultra-soft piano chords. Or, as the almost imperceptible early morning breeze through pine trees. Or, like the bubbly effervescence of that quiet little stream in the woods.

And as its Magic continues to unfold, it wonders why so much of it goes unheard. Truly, the greatest information in existence, but it remains as a faint impossibility to so many.

Perhaps the Elegance should be put on the news channel, couched in war, division and hate. At least it would get listened to there.

Would magnificent personal examples help? Don’t think so. People have long since forgotten that they can choose what they allow into their lives. Given ‘war’ or ‘Bliss’ they’ll choose war every time – automatically.

Let them continue to take – what is being handed out – with no personal selection whatsoever. Press a button and whatever is produced becomes their life. Let the news channel rule. Forget about the possibility of selecting something more beneficial.

Opportunities will always there, but a person can only say ‘no’ to them a given number of times. There comes a point where everything you never did, becomes something . . .

you’ll never be able to even try.

Is that a bird, singing in the distance?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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