The State of Being Yours

It had never been left unlocked before. There was never enough light. From childhood, the cabinet wasn’t portrayed as evil, nor even ominous. It just sat there in the basement, alone, unknown.

Time had brought Mia graduation from college, disabilities to her Mom and Dad, and an exposed cabinet which now perhaps could share some of its secrets to a girl who grew up scared to death of it.

To her parents, the top of the cabinet was but a place to set a couple of bottles of liquor. The locked area below, they had agreed when they got married, was to remain locked and would hold all of their negatives; the substance of any arguments, illnesses or problems would stay enclosed in that dark box under lock and key.

About a year ago her Dad’s curiosity won and one day he opened the door, and promptly lost the key which he couldn’t find. Neither he, nor his wife, was ever well enough again to go downstairs.

The status of the cabinet had not even been mentioned to Mia. More as a way to prove to herself her ability to overcome fear, she took it upon herself to confront that obscure, lonely box.

Stooping before its open door she felt a sensation of frozen sweat on her brow. She felt as though she was looking directly into the face of eternity. Her thoughts began to breathe and to create words that burned.

Fortunately for Mia, the reach of the mind extends beyond circumstances. Was this cabinet going to continue to be a numen, a negative force identified with some object? She thought of her parents, on this make-believe treadmill of unexpected pain and illness.

And she thought of the myriad other people who were in similar situations . . . hinging their entire life on some obtuse choice.

Mia retrieved additional sources of light and illuminated the basement as if it was outdoors at noon on the 4th of July.

Truth reappeared. The cabinet regained its status as just a wooden box.

Mia stepped proudly. She’d had her first encounter with a slice of the Infinite. She noticed how the purity of the light also brought clarity to the entire basement and – to her power of reasoning.

She was about to adopt her first truly wholesome state-of-being.

As she was about to turn off the lights she turned and looked back at the cabinet and its surroundings. She didn’t see a key.

There never was one.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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