Scratch-off Sunday

Grab your coffee. Head over to the chair. Scratch a bit off. Not enough attraction. Go outside. Scratch-off. Not enough novelty. Try the car. Arrive somewhere. Scratch-off. This is not going to do it either.

A homeless universe. Everything’s spinning, orbiting, expanding. There is no ‘home’ – we are all strays. You come home and feel like you just left.

Perhaps how we scratch – and where we scratch – are more important than everything else. Maybe becoming immersed in this process is the answer.

We eventually ‘go home’ to the great Beyond. Is that what has been calling to us all these days in between?

Is what happened in the past more crucial than any thought we may have about the future?

Scratch-off a mystery.

Scratch-off a Masterpiece.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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