It’s Just Allure

No words, no pictures, no stories can bring you any closer to the Infinite. The picture above . . . just allure.

Not until the realization is crystal clear that there needs to be a mind that is free, a certain level of contentment – all within a realm that understands that you and all your reasonings have to step aside – will the Infinite become any more accessible.

There can be no viable marketing package for the Infinite. It cannot be described, shown or demonstrated. Even its results are totally ambiguous. But it does carry with it – allure.

Having written almost a thousand of these blogs it becomes apparent that most folks just have no time or place for this nonsense. And I fully understand that. It seems there has to be some strange connection or reason an individual must have that makes the search happen – and continue.

I believe it comes down to this . . .

All anyone can do is mention the so called ‘results’ of the Infinite; Bliss, Perfection, Freedom, Unboundedness, etc. Create allure.

There are no words available that will automatically cause someone to pack up all their reasoning and logic, everything they use to govern themselves in this world, throw it all away and hope for some miracle ending. No one does that. But that seems to be the only start of finding the Infinite.

You will find no words with such power in this blog, ever. No pictures, no examples or proven routes to success. Nor will you find them elsewhere.

The ‘Magic’ appears when we disappear. When we get to a place where we understand nothing because there is nothing to understand. When we have have extinguished every word in our vocabulary that we used to use to substantiate some position we hold about ourselves as valuable.

Can you believe you can get to a position where you mean nothing? Where you have given up on everything you hold dear? A place where you, under your own volition, have decided to disappear? A place where you no longer respond to your wishes, your understanding, your knowings.?

Take a vacation from all you have ever known? There is a new world. Knock and it will open. No floor plan. No survey. No worries.

For now, it’s just allure.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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