A Light with New Meaning

Some strange occurrence happens . . . a distant bird call, an out-of-place illumination, an odd feeling, a flickering disturbance. Almost uncatchable ideas easily lost in the softest flurry of life.

There’s a shift in focus. A barely noticeable difference – with some intriguing novelty that beckons you in a most unusual way, bringing with it a heightened desire to not only explore – but to comprehend.

But this one touches an unprotected nerve deep inside, stirring a distant vision, a blossoming understanding. It is an unidentified feeling of a life-changing treasure that needs to be discovered.

It is too sketchy to write down. Too ambiguous to be made into a drawing. Nothing more than a fragmentary concept waiting for a heartbeat.

And you know that you are the only person who can give it life. It’s a seed that needs planting and care. A unique arrangement where as you prepare to give it life, it begins sharing a new life with you.

These little ‘hints of the Infinite’ are everywhere, trying to catch your attention. The slightest unexpected happening, a most subtle diversion, a tiny fissure in time.

Be open, vulnerable.

Cherish the alerts to these amazing messages.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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