Freedom from Yourself

Perhaps it’s a period of free time. No obligations. Those pesky little concerns just seem to be absent.

In your solitude the desire comes to be with only yourself. Tuned out are; the weather, the news, the stock market, Someone has removed the bulletin board. There’s no yesterday. No tomorrow.

Quiet contentment. Peace. There is an honest desire to have no desires. Expectations have packed up and left.

You have given up on the need for direction and novelty. It is truly time to try life with nothing. Time to experience life . . . free from yourself.

The riches of that venue may require some time wallowing in its wonderment. Time spent not only recognizing the ultimate freedom, but experiencing how to accept its rewards.

Go. Unencumbered. Completely alone. Wanting nothing.


Giving thanks.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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