Maybe Tomorrow

Shut’r down. Get rid of the old food. Say ‘goodbye’ to any folks still around. Tidy up a bit. Grab a pillow and blanket. Goodnight.

We marvel at our apparatus for ascension. Streamlined. Designed for flight. Needing no maintenance, no fuel and no crew,

Given a few moments of freedom it can have us soaring five or six miles up in the sky. Effortlessly. Limitlessly.

But how many days in a row has it taxied out to the runway, waiting for your command to engage – only to be pulled back into the hangar for the night, disappointed again?

The missing ingredient? Intention. A few moments of free time and Intention. It won’t happen while trying to hitch a ride on someone else’s dream.

Ready now?

Where is that travel agent?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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