The ‘Most Valuable Question’ for You

At certain times throughout our life we are confronted with the need for urgent answers to myriad questions. But now we are a bit older and a bit wiser. We’ve sailed oceans with huge questions, navigated the treacherous unknown waters of foreign lands and we’ve made it to March 29, 2022. Perhaps not unscathed, but with an increased knowledge of what is important, to ourselves.

We’ve tried to answer questions from; ‘How can I stop this boo-boo from hurting?’ – to – ‘What should I do with my life?’

Then, there are questions that are doozies, like; ‘What is the best question I can ponder?’

With queries like the last one we can possibly envision the idea that the right question can be more important than coming up with the correct answer.

Consider a current question you have about anything. With rare exceptions any question is susceptible to elevation. From; ‘Where do you want to eat?’ comes . . . ‘Which restaurant has the best food? most healthy food? best prices? best value? You get the picture.

Questions about life can also be altered to reflect higher value.

The questions and answers here are personal, very personal. We’re focusing on YOU, only.

With each question you have it is possible to also ask, ‘How can this question/answer be asked in a way that the answer will help me in the highest possible way in the highest possible realm?

Just that exercise in itself is an excellent way to break free of boundaries and tethers. Don’t limit the scope of your questions, answers or anything.

You want Bliss? Contentment? Love? Happiness?

Put it into your own Majestic question.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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