Fugitive Impulse Catcher

Those memories that took off, got away. Those very visceral moments of splendor, Bliss, Magic . . . that have come back – just to float away again. Come, let’s think about them for a moment . . .

When they visit the next time, enjoy that deepest satisfaction, but don’t allow them to be a fugitive. Bury yourself in the elation. Relive the heavenly sensations until they are physically palpable. Go ‘all-in’.

If there is more than one, capture as many as you can. It’s O.K. Be irreverent! Build ecstasy. Remove all obstacles, extinguish any limitations. Float. Soar. Freedom – from everything known!

Capture that sensation, that level of life, that extent of enjoyment. Those times when you feel like exploding because of the over-abundance of wonderfulness in your heart; learn to be identified with that elation.

Grab it. Make it yours. As it fades, command its return. Get authority over that feeling. Be able to make it return at a moments notice.

If possible . . . touch life from that venue, that realm of truth.

Cast away anything that may remain between you and this exquisite freedom.

Now, if you’re feeling really bold . . . start placing this euphoria as the floor of your future feelings. Tell yourself, ‘This Magnificence is the worst I will allow myself to feel from now on!’

CAUTION! This May Cause a Miracle In Your Life!

The only reason in existence that stands between the past and that Magnificence – is YOU.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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