How Well Did We Do Life?

All facets of your life can be under your control.

The reasons they are not is the old stuff. The explanations we have used decade after decade to explain: a flaw in our character, the inexcusable reasons we use that makes us suffer time after time because of our lack of understanding and, the facets of our life that never were under our control.

Regularly, you can witness folks blaming the circumstances of their life on happenings that occurred half a century ago. Is that a tactic of which you want to be a part? Or, is it possible to glimpse an emerging world where we are but babes? It is fresh, spirited, alive. A place where we don’t know! A place of playing, trying, experiencing – – – a world of discovery! An unlimited vista of Infinite possibilities!

Oh, the joy of experiencing life when the mind is free from the old and it meets everything fresh and anew. In that, there is joy.

You have had decades to determine the validity of the resources you use to direct your life. If your problems are recurring, might there be a cause, a flaw? Might that cause be you? What someone said to you fifty years ago . . . is that still applicable to you today? When? . . . when will that event lose its potency?

In the end, there will be the question; ‘How well did we do life?’

All the old crap that stays with us and is never rejected by us, is that – DOING LIFE WELL? Would we rather hold on to tradition rather than even considering if there might be something better?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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