Problems That Just Continue

Got one? A couple!? With you since childhood!!?

Without blaming any one or anything, consider that the problem may be ‘addiction’. Not the normal kind, but an addiction to our thoughts!

If our pesky little thoughts never change, neither will any facet of our life. Every problem we ever have gets addressed by our panel of judges and those judges have been there longer than we can remember. Always there, ready with their naive, redundant, approval or veto.

Do you know who they are? Have you even met them? Can you attest to their credibility? Did you assign them to their positions?

We are addicted to our thoughts . . . and we cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.

How much slack do you give to what you believe to be a lie before you say you have had it with lies, before you forsake everything to live with what you really think and feel about the way things are?

Somebody in that picture is responsible for your answer to that question.

You might want to invent your own vetting process. Summon new, qualified forces which will best depict exactly who you are. Entities that will make elegant choices and present you with Infinite value.

Do nothing . . . and nothing will change.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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