What Is Always There?

You’re kinda there, and kinda not. Wherever. On the couch? Driving? Eating dinner?

There’s a little hole at the bottom of your bag of reality and you feel yourself squeezing out. The usual bonds of familiarization loosen and you welcome once again your idea of the Infinite.

Is there something, or someone, there with you? Maybe ‘monitors’ or ‘governors’? Self-appointed policemen that subtly steer you away from the unknown? Perhaps they are the ‘undercover’ variety. Been with you so long they are now un-differentiable. Intruders that never leave.

It is your job to identify these pesky buffers that shield people from the unknown glory that is available. Sense if there is still some authority figures that are trying to guide you without your consent. Call GhostBusters.

These forces keep you in prison. They dictate that you will hold on to certain principles and practices no matter what the circumstances.

Are there ideas and dogmas in your mind with which you will never part? Maybe give this question a second consideration . . .

Are there? ARE THERE? If so, you might want to ask yourself, ‘Why?’

They exclude freedom, they prevent your freedom.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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