The Minimalistic Agenda

We come to this place, or are lead there, and we’re requested to eliminate all our ties to experience; silence, quietude, nothingness.

I know little about quantum anything, but when things get extremely scarce – like down to one atom or one gluon – no one has any idea how things will perform.

There is no right or wrong there, and ‘life’ itself is questionable.

That venue of nothingness could be where the existence of this fanciful stuff we call Magic – lives.

There are millions upon millions of books, etc., out there to explain someone’s take on what is happening during meditation or any unusual undertaking we perform in which we are left playing with a just few unfamiliar particles.

No one knows what is going on, but many will attempt to tell you something about the process.

I am almost haunted by the phrase, ‘We become what we think about’.

If you think about things that are clear and concise you will experience the like. If you think about excess weight you will experience excess weight. If you think about X you will become X.

Why are pharmaceutical commercial so prevalent? Because if you begin to identify with any symptoms mentioned you start thinking about it!

People who desperately want a life of peace spend hours each day watching helpless folks being bombed. Does that make sense?

We, YOU!, have an opportunity to choose what you think. But, somehow, that capacity almost never gets used.

If you’ve got a concern, address it now. Don’t ponder on its negatives. Forget about the obesity, focus on the idea of the feeling of health, fun, playfulness. Go – live there. Focus on what you want. Focus on what makes you feel Blissful!

I wonder what the hell I am doing here, suggesting some methods of achievement. You don’t need me, you don’t need anybody. All those limitations that may occur, they’re not limitations, just artificial obstacles you put there.

PLEASE! Whatever it is you desire, need, want, cherish . . . just think about it! OK? In no context other than your own. OK?

Make it a secure part of your self, so that when there is ‘nothing’ . . .

IT is still there.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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