What You Really Love

There’s an idea, still blurry perhaps, of what you really love. Maybe it’s a combination of Japanese culture and sketches, or imbuing the planet with a love of playfulness, or perhaps it’s hinting around to friends about cerebral thoughts of the Infinite.

Perhaps that idea hasn’t coalesced enough to even be recognizable. Even though it is not ‘known’ exactly as yet, reserve a place at the entrance of your mind for its establishment.

Instead of just having it as a fanciful dream, begin to envision its growth and structure. Instead of just learning about Japanese culture, instill in your mind memorized examples of how a Japanese person might celebrate, or tackle a problem. Make sketches of the process. File everything away in this special ‘sandbox’ of your mind. Go there and play!

As different circumstances appear in your life, superimpose your special thoughts on whatever is going on in your life. There’ll be blurry areas. Experiment with them. Mentally, try some new facet, then another. Allow clarity to do its job.

Continue this course of personal perfection. When unknowns occur, relax, dream and let the Infinite fill in the blanks.

Continually give thanks . . .

for the silent construction of what you truly love.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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