Murmur of Departure

A bird’s chirp. The sound of a jet engine high in the sky. The lonely drip of a faucet. The unexpected ring of a church bell. The purr of a kitten. The click a car makes when the battery is too low to start it.

And a cast of hundreds of other subtle sounds that blend together to form a continuous murmur of departure. Tiny, one-second reminders, that beckon us to a new frontier – from just beyond our normal reality.

Little spikes of interest that are so easy to ignore.

But sometimes, we pause a bit longer than usual. We give the unknown a smidge more area to expand. We let go of that last pesky rule. We accidentally embolden the murmur.

In its profound elation it opens the door of the closet and takes one step out. With rekindled joy and elation it heads to the sandbox to play. Then to the lake to skip stones on its surface. Then, runs to the dance floor.

The murmur stops for a moment to take your hand. It wants to share the Infinite with you. To share with you from the highest perspective. To experience Magic in huge chunks, not little crumbs.

Your phone rings.

The candle of Magic is blown out. The extended hand pulls back. The closet door closes and clicks shut.

That click . . . just another sound, added to the murmur’s symphony.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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