The Shells, Out Of Which We Break

Scene from Dead Poets Society

Happened in English class for these guys. The choice between what was being taught and what they thought to be right had to be made.

The spectacle was incredible. Young men literally ‘standing up’ for their truth while stepping over, and beyond, the ancient traditions and high standards of a prep school and all their peers.

Maybe even more thought provoking are the boys/men that have remained sitting in silence while listening to their buddies taking huge steps forward in the discovery of who they really are. So petrified in the society in which they live that they are rendered motionless.

Teenagers finding out exactly how strong their resolve really is. Young men choosing with what they want to be aligned. To continue following the mandates of parents, teachers and traditions . . . or to stand up and say, ‘No thanks, I’ll take it from here!’

The contrast between crouching down in a chair OR standing in full bloom upon the chair is riveting. No middle ground. No uncertainty. No doubt. Yes or no. In or out. Incarceration – or freedom.

Now, as adults, many of us may still have that same choice to make. If we were coerced in some way to make a stand for emancipation, total emancipation for ourselves, would we remain seated, or stand in proclamation?

Every second, of every day, that question begs for your answer.

Take another look at that picture again. Notice the resolve – right next to the defeat. Where would you be if you were in that class?

Within that decision is the answer to life.

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