Gently Down the Stream

Your next thought, your next conversation, your next interaction . . .

No matter what the circumstances, you have a possibility with each one to respond with your heart. To set aside the problems and concerns of the world and to get in touch with that stream.

‘What would the person to whom you are talking most appreciate hearing?” The world has its problems, but with just a few words we can immediately change that ambiance to one of love and friendship.

‘Thank you for being my friend. I appreciate all you have done.’ We all know the kind phrases, but they are used so infrequently.

But when they are said, that beautiful stream becomes present again. Life is really about that stream, isn’t it? All of our fondest memories are when we are on that stream.

Most everyone talks from his or her mind, but it is so easy to say something from your heart. Interrupt your next conversation and say the nicest and most kind comment to the person with whom you are talking. Keep trying to elevate that message.

Being kind is so easy to do and it brings happiness to both of you. It brings softness and warmth. It brings peace. Why is it so infrequently done?

Let’s opt for ‘gently down the stream’. Let’s choose ‘merrily’ and share that sentiment with everyone.

How would you be affected if your mission in life was to make all of your acquaintances’ lives better, just by appreciation of them?

Hop on that stream.

Let’s make life a dream.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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