Seraphic Bliss

Seraphic (Angel-like) Bliss is the idea of having the highest possible thoughts of freedom, love and possibilities that a person can have – with no cause! Not a birthday. Not a birth of a child. Not winning the lottery. No cause!

Perhaps you’re sitting at a desk just daydreaming and ‘BAM!’ a feeling of perfection just takes over your life. It’s synonymous with the Infinite. There are no words that could possibly apply. No meanings or definitions. Just joy to a degree that defies description – with no cause.

Even experiencing one moment of Seraphic Bliss let’s you know those feelings are possible. It alerts you to the idea that there is a place, a ‘field’, a venue, a matrix . . . that exists. A realm so elevated and idyllic you will not find it on any list. And most likely, it won’t be found at all!

And not because of lack of effort. Millions of folks ‘search’ for it, but it is not discovered by any way accustomed to our human way of thinking. It is ‘another’ world whose lack of ‘laws’ differentiate it from anything we think we know.

It wants nothing more than to be wanted. Not according to any scheme or strategy – not by human effort. As much as we value our senses of thought and achievement, it wants just your surrender. Your giving up of all you cherish, of all you think you are, know, and believe.

What follows in this paragraph seems to be the hidden secret of the Infinite, it is difficult to grasp: The ‘way’ and the ‘reason’ the Infinite appears is because of how LITTLE we are involved in the process. It is a purely natural progression. You ‘give up’ and the Infinite then is set free in your existence. But the hidden secret is – that YOU don’t figure it out, YOU don’t determine, YOU don’t assume what ‘giving up’ means. It’s as if, when it is your time and it is your turn, you are introduced to this ‘pure state of surrender’. It occurs because of your – LACK of being involved . . . LACK OF BEING INVOLVED! Any thought, any suggestion, or any help you may want to offer does nothing but HALT the Magic.

In my humblest opinion, there is nothing that a person can do to hasten the process. No book, no video, no religion, no word will help in any way. What may assist is to flip your switch to ‘off’, pull the plug, shut up, leave. Quit playing the game. Give up. Die.

Finally understand that not only is your input NOT wanted, but that your input penalizes you.

It hinders you. It fences you off from your potential connection to the Infinite.

Stop! Please, STOP! Don’t explain to anyone or anything ‘What you think’ or ‘What you believe’. Freedom is not found where there are tethers, personal ties or human thinking.

In the quietness of your mind try eliminating, one by one, all the things in your life; everything. Your car – gone. Friends – gone. Keep going . . . Your thoughts – gone. Your desires – gone. Where you live – gone. This thing called Earth – gone. Not much left. Approaching nothingness. Words – gone.

Your body – gone. Life, as you know it – gone. All your senses – gone.

Get to that point where there is no SELF to realize. Drift away. Get comfortable, settle in, right next to ‘nothingness’. Keep nudging over. One more little push and a blurring occurs. There’s no longer ‘nothingness’. No. There is now ‘everything’! But a Magical type of ‘Everything’. No flaws. A total consuming feeling of Perfection. Nothing, and Everything . . . becomes One.

Perhaps your Angel will be waiting there, offering a cup of coffee, saying, “Welcome to the realm of unlimited, Majestic experiences.”

“Here are your wings.”

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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