Ending in an Unexpected Way

If you’ve been in the military or worked at a large company you soon learn that nothing ends in an unexpected way. There is regimentation. The general or CEO or president calls a meeting. Everyone congregates, listens, and when that most influential person says the meeting is over, everyone departs.

And that belief, that mechanism, that algorithm stays with us through life – instead of thinking openly about a problem or situation, we search for a general to tell us where to go, how to get there, what to do while we’re there and when to leave.

If you’re up for it, there is a four-star general’s jacket that will fit you perfectly. Or, you may choose another uniform of distinction, or a badge or a title. Whatever it takes to elevate yourself above this methodology we all have learned, and to structure your life according to your terms.

Imagine being in deep thought about some facet of your life and you change the way an answer is derived. Instead of bringing to mind suggestions from friends and authors and bosses you instead focus on what comes to you – naturally. Your thoughts build upon each other, but now they build according to your unique flow. The answers arrived at are your unique answers.

Initially this may take a little while until you adjust and start believing in yourself and what you alone can accomplish.

You rid your playing field of all those limited earthly ideas and start planting your own selection of ideas – of the Infinite variety.

Then, your thought sessions will end in truly unexpected ways.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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