The Dark Path

Perhaps it’s a dark road, a recurring uncertain thought pattern or just an area of life which has always been unknown to you.

Then one day, the secret of that little realm is revealed. A light goes on and the mystery vanishes. That, or those, revelations can be life-changing.

Once – where there was nothing – becomes the most important landmark of your life and directs your path perfectly for the rest of your days.

Why are those areas missed so often? We have no idea they exist. We are going too fast to notice. We are not ready for them. And, probably the most prominent answer . . .

the idea of ‘most high information’ flowing into ourselves without our help or advisement, is unheard of and considered a joke.

The Infinite apparently just sits there waiting for the right circumstances to be present to share its Bliss. But for so many, the circumstances in their life will never be peaceful and receptive enough to hear.

As poignant as quotes go, consider this tear-jerker . . .

“With their backs to the Sunrise, they worship the night.”

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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