Those Things You Want So Badly

They can range from wanting a chocolate-chip ice cream cone to desiring a new state or position in life.

Let’s focus on the higher end and address the ‘change-of-life’ issue.

It is so easy to think about a condition that we believe is ideal. Wow! If I could ever live in that ‘condition’ I’d be in a perfect status. I’d be continually happy, able to perform at my best, living life on my terms.

The potential problem here is that you are the one that has determined this ‘condition’ which you believe is so valuable. This condition for which you strive is just a concoction of your human thoughts and reasoning, subject to error and limitation.

What if . . . ? What if there is an existence that far surpasses your idea of what is right for you in every way – but, unfortunately it will never be known to you because you keep pondering ONLY what you want?

Trusting in a higher entity for answers. Is that for you? It’s all about surrender. Not waving a white handkerchief, but maybe a white sheet or a hundred white sheets to prove your determination to step down.

You may want a few more smiles, more security, more solidarity, more unification . . . more things of this world.

And what you are secretly being offered are optimum, majestic slices of the Infinite, that will never be tasted because no one cares to listen.

It is the worldly way to consider a condition and ponder how wonderful your new status will be when that happens.

The magnificent alternative is just the opposite . . .

Achieve the feeling, the bliss – first! Your deepest and most profound.

Then notice . . . the ‘conditions’ that then surround you that brought about this highest state of life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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