Wherever You’re Hiding, It’ll Find You

If you’re heading out in some direction, that’s the wrong direction.

If it’s a known destination, GPS-able, that won’t be right, either.

Been there before? Forget about it now.

No new means of travel will help.

Go in the direction where there is no direction.

The Infinite, the unfathomable, the Source of the Limitless . . . will find you.

When you are detached from everything you use to ‘help’. When you are severed from all you know. Clueless. Receptive. Open.

When you finally realize that the use of any of your efforts are detrimental in wooing ‘what you seek’.

You realize all your tricks and schemes and ‘proven systems’ are worthless and when held on to, form a wall that restricts the Infinite from contacting you.

The Infinite ’finds you’! Make it easy . . . be vulnerable.

Cease your effort. Don’t build a landing pad, don’t buy a welcome mat, don’t seek your mind for suggestions.

Dare to be humble. Admit to knowing nothing about the cerebral. Be a child at play who accidentally stumbles on to a mysterious passageway.

It finds you – – – and when you’re open – in awe – it shares more. The path becomes a smidge more clear. Make that wonderment a working piece of the architecture of who you are.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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