Surprise Visits

You’re walking. Talking on the phone. Eating lunch with a friend.


When a razor-like incision is made in your day. An insight, no, an epiphany! An interruption of life – with a footnote.

A part of some secret code? A clue to some personalized prize?

When your world stops, and a message is delivered, it may be a great time to pay attention.

Perhaps the reason is to acquaint you with a facet of life that you ought to pursue more vigorously. These fissures in our routine may highlight concepts like; freedom, emancipation, celestial heights or Bliss.

When your personal area of highest delight has been identified, keep that moment of enlightenment and its message handy. Refer to it often.

There are few definitive signposts in life. Those surprise visits from the Infinite are about the most tangible and ‘real’ examples of direction we have.

The experiences you have had in life that are closest to your highest Magic, cling to them. Those moments in your life where some thought, some circumstance, some feeling was present . . .

cherish those experiences. They are your highest self. You can make them; your refuge, your home, You.

The more you attract them, and repel all others, the closer you’ll be to your Infinite.

Footnote: Please come back often. Accept no substitutes.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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