Maybe Tomorrow

Shut’r down. Discard the old food. Say goodbye to any people still on board. Tidy up a bit. Grab a pillow and blanket. Say, ‘Goodnight’.

You admire your magnificent apparatus for ascension. You ponder its capacities and what it is designed to do. Then you walk away.

How many days in a row has it just taxied out to the runway and sat there, waiting for your command to engage, then wheeled back into the hangar to await the next disappointment in a few hours?

Given a few moments of freedom it can bring carefree soaring, five or six miles up in the air, effortlessly. With no maintenance, no crew and no fuel! Unencumbered. Free. Magic.

The Infinite, the Limitless – requires one attribute – ‘Intention’. You can’t experience it while trying to hitch a ride on someone else’s dream.

Your intention. Your discovery. Your dream.


Where is that travel agent?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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