Can We Forget?

Barring strange happenings, today promises to be a copy of what you have in mind for it. There are myriad possibilities of what you could do today, but you have narrowed it down to one design. You know the people you’ll see, the places you’ll visit, the time spent at each venue.

Can you forget? Can you forget about your voice – totally – and sing? Sing, not in accordance with any song you have ever heard, but sing with no idea of music or pitch or harmony or sounding good. Opening your mouth, exhaling air, and accepting whatever sounds that are produced as your priceless gifts.

Can you forget about your feet, and from whenever and wherever you are standing, dance? But dance, as you never have before, with no thought as to what your feet are doing. Dance . . . your dance!

Is it possible to ignore all your training and live? Not according, at all, to what you have told yourself over and over again, every day of your life, but live a day – as it opens up for you, not because of you.

No rules; about singing or dancing or living. No GPS. No signs. No curfews. No timetables. No destinations. No expectations. No relying on what you think is right.

Forgetting, just for a chance . . . to be.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. This one is my fav so far!!!
    🎶Missed the Saturday dance…would have gone but what for…mighty different without you…I’m getting out there much more!🎶


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