Magnitude of Ecstasies

Your idea of Magic. The sensation you dream up when someone mentions ‘ecstasy’ or ‘Infinite’ or ‘Bliss’.

As lofty as you might conceive those feelings to . . .

you may still be just nibbling on Phase One.

Not all ecstasies are the same.

The next time you sense elevation or Bliss, pause. Try to establish some type of residence there. Claim it! Move in. Get comfortable.

When you are ready, over in the far corner is an elevator. Press the button. Wait for the doors to open. Get in. Take it for a ride.

In a short while you will be able to look down at Bliss. You’ll realize even that word is confining there. You will sense the desire to abandon everything.

The greater your absence . . .

the greater the level of magnitude of ecstasies you are able to experience.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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