Perfect Moment

Turn off all the mental mechanisms that you use to establish who you are. Silence your beliefs, silence your distinctions between right and wrong, silence your methods of how you usually get things done.

Blindfold yourself. Insert perfect earplugs. Disable your capacities to taste, feel, and to sense.

Abandon your idea of self-preservation. Squash your ability to judge. Remove any expectations. Escape to a realm of no communication, no words, no ideas.

Fall: No parachute. No safety net. No expectations. No fear.

Experience the Infinite. Experience existence with all attachments to yourself – severed. Experience your first ‘perfect’ moment.

There’s one caveat . . . all this must be done effortlessly. It’s not your duty to; silence anything, abandon anything, escape anything, discover anything – or to ‘fall’.

When circumstances are ready, everything happens . . . effortlessly.

When do the circumstances become ready?

When you least expect them to be.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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