Obedience to Hints


It’s a strange moment; undefined, unidentified. Right smack dab in the middle of a hiatus. There comes not a command, but no more than a whisper. Not heard, but felt.

‘Take the boat out.’

A decision arises. You’re asked to interrupt your life and pursue another activity of dubious value. There is a potential connection with the Infinite knocking on your door. Do you follow what your ‘soul’ has directed you to do, or continue your aimless trek through a mundane life?

If you would elect to take your boat out, please continue reading.

The real power that comes from situations like this one is how quickly you know the answer to the question! When there is no doubt as to your acceptance of the suggestion, things begin to change.

You begin to get the feeling that you are following – creating – your life . . . your absolutely best life. You decide to follow a hint to be confined in a small boat and ultimately realize following higher ‘hints’ brings the greatest freedom.

With each affirmative answer to the suggestions from the Infinite, your relationship with it is empowered. You’ll experience increased agreement, then greater understanding – which leads to more harmonious communication.

Your participation will be sought after more and more often.

Freedom is about following rules . . .

but only those rules that you deliberately choose to follow.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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