Before You Begin Thinking

Someone asks you a personal question . . .

“How are you doing as a person?”

At that moment, before any words have formed, before any thinking has begun, when your ‘answer’ to the question is still just a feeling, before words take the mental stage of your mind to act out some meaning . . .

you kinda know what your response will be. There’ll be some uncertainty, some obscurity, some doubt as you attempt to derive clarity in your expression of this ‘cloud’ of knowing.

This ‘cloud’ is your representation of ‘who you are’ – to yourself. Abstract? Yes. But it is always there.

If you inspect this cloud you’ll realize you had relatively no say as to what is included in its make-up. Life filled in the blanks and you accepted that input as ‘who you are’.

For most, that is the end of the story. That’s the hand you have been dealt . . . live with it!

Fortunately, and at any time, you can claim your rightful ownership of that cloud. You can toss out all the questionable traits that are included within and replace them with your highest aspirations.

Your cloud can be a playroom, chapel, the Infinite, a fantasy of giving, a garden of perpetual splendor. And your choice can be of crystal clarity, with no doubts, no obfuscation, no uncertainty.

It may take some convincing. Try it. It is the most fun and worthwhile activity you can ever perform.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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