“Almighty God, I am sorry I am now an atheist, but have You read Nietzsche?”

It is easy to assign belief, or certainty, to any subject. But as soon as you do you must be willing to back up that trust.

It is also possible to forget about assigning beliefs, to let go of faith, and to be open to everything.

The freedom acquired to be able to simply say ‘I don’t know’ in response to life’s difficult questions – is Magic.

Perhaps the only way to be certain is to test it out yourself. For the most part, no one knows anything for certain anyway. Why not take the liberty of experiencing this delightful status at least once?

Shed definitions. Abandon ‘knowing’. Allow stress to vanish. Rejoice in the exquisite freedom which follows.

Create your own life . . .

free of having to defend anything.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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